Cambridge Corn Exchange

...«Alena Baeva, already has a very considerable reputation; and if her performance of the Sibelius concerto was anything to go by, she should stay right at the top for many years to come. Her articulation of the display passages in which the Sibelius concerto abounds – dazzling semiquaver runs, swooping, wide-ranging arpeggios and treacherous imitative passages in double-stops – was spellbinding. Her dynamic range is vast and the tone she conjured out of her Strad displayed an impressive range, from a rich sonority to a delicate pianissimo high up on the E string, that carried through the hall. But above all, she got to the heart of the music, whether, the gloom and melancholy of the slow movement or the galumphing ‘polonaise for polar bears’, as Sir Donald Tovey once brilliantly put it, of the finale. The orchestra accompanied her with impeccable sensitivity and alert attention»

Source: rusconagency.ru